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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the swimmer registration fees for this season?

Please see the registration page for more information.

My child had never competed before. Is this for them?

The summer swim team is intended for swimmers of all levels, from notice to year-round. Swimmers are expected to swim at least one length of the pool unassisted. Generally, swimmers ages 9 and Up are expected to swim two lengths of the pool for both freestyle and backstroke.

Coaches and assistants will focus on guiding and assisting swimmers with their strokes and techniques in efforts to develop a confident and strong swimmer within a safe environment.

Please see the Tips for New Swim Families guide for more information

We don't live in the Shearwater community, can my child swim on the Shearwater Sharks?

Unfortunately, no. The swim team is only open to residents or children or grandchildren of residents per the Trout Creek CDD policies.

Does my swimmer need to try out prior to joining the team?

All new swimmers are required to attend a scheduled evaluation. While not a true “try out”, the evaluation will be used as a means to ensure your swimmer is placed into the best-fit practice group based on both age and ability.

What age group will my child be competing?

Your child's age for the active season is determined based on their age as of June 1 of that year per the league's bylaws. If your child turns 9 on May 29th they will compete in the 9-10 age group the entire season April-July. However, age only partially determines the swimmer's practice group placement. For example, a 10-year-old advanced swimmer that has been competing for several years may be placed in the 11 and Up practice group. However, during a meet, the advanced swimmer will compete in their age appropriate 9–10-year-old group per the league's bylaws.

What type of swimsuits are recommended?

For practice, girls should wear a one-piece suit without ruffles or hanging decorations. Boys should wear jammer style shorts or similar.

For meets, swimmers are encouraged to wear team swimsuits available HERE for purchase.

What equipment should my swimmer bring to practice?

Goggles, swim cap, junior kickboard, and pull buoys for all age groups. Swim fins are encouraged for ages 9 and Up.

Junior Kickboard Examples



Pull Buoy Examples



Swim Fins Examples



What if we have vacations planned?

Have fun and enjoy family time! We encourage you to have your swimmers get some pool time, if possible, to help maintain their strength and conditioning while away. Please keep in mind while scheduling vacations that the league requires each swimmer to compete in at least three regular season meets (including mock meet) to become eligible to compete in the league-wide Champs Meet at the end of the season.

What is required of parent volunteers?

It takes a village to make it work smoothly and timely!  As Parents and Guardians of our Sharks, we are responsible for ensuring successful and smooth swim meets, so Volunteering is IMPERATIVE!!

Click HERE for more information.

What is a disqualification (DQ) on meet day?

All strokes, turns, and starts during a meet must follow a specific set of USA Swimming rules. This ensures consistency and a level playing field for competitors. When a stroke is in accordance with these rules, it is considered “legal.” When it is not in accordance with these rules, it is considered “illegal” and the swimmer receives a "DQ" for that race. Even though the time is not valid, the experience is still useful from a learning standpoint. Coaches are responsible for teaching swimmers stroke technique, however, some stroke rules are challenging for young swimmers to master.

Swimmers should never be made to feel bad or guilty about a DQ! If your swimmer receives a DQ during a meet, approach it from a learning angle. “What did you learn from the race today?” “How do you think you would tackle it next time?”

Click HERE for more information.

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