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Team Parent (4) *

This volunteer acts as liaison between coach and team. The Team Parent works out the details and duties with their Team's Head Coach, based upon their requests and requirements. The basic duties usually include helping with the administrative/organizing for the team, which then allows the coach to concentrate on coaching duties. Team parent will  attend  most practices for their respective age/practice group. 

Volunteer Coordinator (2)

This person solicits help and ensures the team has the necessary volunteers required to run home and away meets. Prior to the meet beginning, this person “checks in” each volunteer who is signed up and answers any questions. At the half-way mark of the meet, the volunteer coordinator ensures all second-half volunteers are in position.


Stroke and Turn Officials (8)

Training is done through the league online. These volunteers must have completed a clinic and have a badge. They observe swimmers in their jurisdiction and record any stroke-and-turn infractions, which may result in swimmers being disqualified from events..

Ready Bench (12)

These volunteers lineup swimmers for their events and get them ready to race.

Timer (24)

These volunteers time swimmers during events. We will be going over this job during the mock meet.


Computer Operator (2-4)

These volunteers must have completed a clinic. They prepare meet documents/heat sheets prior to the meet; enter times and DQs during the meet; and post results following the meet.

Head Clerk of Course (2)

The Clerk of Course is the heart of the swim meet. This is the person that runs the Ready Bench/Clerk of Course and helps to place swimmers in the correct heat. This person will be notified of all scratches prior to the start of the swim meet.

Concession Stand (6)

These volunteers sell food and beverages .Responsible for Venmo, cash, set-up and break down. Arrange pick-up from outside vendors (Chick Fil-A, Dunkin Donuts, etc.)

Event Number Flipper (2)

Sit at the side of the pool near the announcing area and flip the event numbers as needed. These numbers will tell parents and swimmers what events we are calling at the Ready Bench and what event we are currently swimming. Must make sure the numbers are updated and current.

Ready Bench Flip Chart (2)

Another number pole is located at the ready bench area. This person is responsible for keeping the event numbers up to date. This pole will reflect the numbers that we are currently calling to the ready bench

Head Meet Official (HMO) (1)

These volunteers must have completed a clinic and have a badge. The HMO runs home meets and resolves all disputes. Prior to the meet, the HMO runs the briefings for timers and stroke-and-turn officials. He/she assigns officials to watch for early take-offs during relays. During the meet, the HMO reviews all DQ slips, signs, approves and submits them to the computer operators.

In the case of a false start, the starter and HMO determine when to re-run a heat and inform computer operators. The HMO knows the weather policy and has the authority to suspend or stop a meet due to weather conditions.

Head Timer (1)

This volunteer serves as a back-up timer if any timer’s watch fails. This volunteer starts his/her watches for every race.

Meet Clean Up (10)

These volunteers clean up after the meet, ensuring the pool and surrounding areas are returned to normal.

Meet Set Up (10)

These volunteers setup the night before a meet.

Runner (2)

These volunteers pick up DQ slips from stroke-and-turn officials and deliver them to the HMO.

Starter (1)

Must be able to consistently start races and identify starting issues on the blocks.

Announcer (1)

The Announcer calls out the upcoming events to alert the children of their event and also makes general announcements. These volunteers must have completed a clinic and have a badge. They announce each event; start the races; monitor false starts; and keep the meet flowing according to schedule.

Heat Awards (2 )Awarded immediately after each race to the fastest swimmer of each heat.

Champs Meet Food Vendor (1) Hire and Coordinate food trucks and food vending for Champs Meet.

Fundraising Committee (6)

Facilitate team fundraising and/or assist with fundraising.

Hospitality (4)

Volunteer to head and/or assist with any team functions (ie. Banquet, party, cookout, etc.)

Bright Futures Volunteer Coordinator (1)

Coordinates messaging with High School Volunteers. Keeps records and responsible for any and all Bright Future Volunteer Hours. These will be tallied and distributed monthly. This includes meetings, events ,practices and meets.

Deck/Field Marshalls (4)

Volunteers to enforce safety on deck and in the field, informing visiting team as to areas that are off limits/answering facility questions and directing attendees.

Parking Marshalls (6) Assist in parking in lots and shuttle coordination in TCE lot and Kayak Club lot.

Starting Block Installation/Removal (4)

Installation and removal of starting blocks allowing for maximum time on deck and visibility to block sponsors.

Website Manager (1) Would like to have a dedicated volunteer to manage information for this, to facilitate information under direction of the Board.

* This role will receive a $50 Registration Discount

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